Homeopathy Practice in New Forest

At Boldre Homeopathic Practice I offer a
 down-to-earth, practical approach to homeopathy. In peaceful, leafy surroundings near Lymington, the clinic provides a friendly,
 family-oriented service.

I have been using homeopathic remedies for nearly 20 years and have been a qualified homeopath for just under 10 – I love what I do, believe passionately in it and feel it has changed my life beyond recognition.

I specialise in helping women, children and babies. Not because this is an exclusive club (men are more than welcome, of course, and I have many on my books) - but because I am a woman. I know all about women’s pressures and stress (quite often I’ve been there myself, trust!).

I am a big advocate of women and girls reaching out for their true potential. You all have tremendous power and creativity within you – use it by embracing a holistic way of life.

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70% of those who use homeopathy experience improvements in health - 6-year study at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, 2005

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From athletes to actors to TV presenters, homeopathy's worked for them:


Sue Leach MA LCPH RSHom

Boldre Homeopathic Practice

Hurstly, Sandy Down, Boldre, Lymington,
Southampton, Hampshire SO41 8PN
Phone: 01590 624020

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